18th January 2022 minutes


Minutes of the Meeting held

18th January 2022

At On Your Marques


Present:  Cllrs J. Bradley (Chair); J. Morlini; J. Banfield; & J. Taylor;

1 Members of the Public

Cllr S. Eyre (ELDC)

Mrs J. Cooper (Parish Clerk)


There were no issues raised in the public session.


The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking Cllrs Willson and Taylor for collecting, erecting and removing the Christmas Tree, Mr Roberts for supplying the tree and Cllr Willson for removing the willow and brash.


1.            APOLOGIES

                Apologies were received from Cllrs Willson and Baxter.  Cllr Davey (LCC) also sent his apologies.

                The Clerk then read out e mail from Cllr Baxter tendering her resignation from the Parish Council.  Members agreed she would be a loss to the Council and minuted their thanks to her.


                There were none.

3.            MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD 16TH NOVEMBER 2021               

                It was resolved that the Chairman sign the minutes as a correct record.


                Noted the Christmas tree had been erected.

                Clerk advised that the litter bin had been purchased and delivered to Cllr Willson.

5.            OUTSIDE BODIES

                Cllr Eyre had nothing to report other than there were still no meetings being held, planning decisions were being handled by officers.

6.            CORRESPONDENCE

                N S & I account required additional signatures which had been done.

                Email from Cllr Davey updating members on the footpath issue – the case had been allocated to an officer for review of evidence submitted, ~Secretary of State had instructed that the application be determined by 20th May 2022.

                E mail from Cllr Davey regarding the debate on extending seasons on caravan sites along the coasts, Secretary of State had determined some applications in Hogsthorpe and Ingoldmells and refused the extended season, which would likely set a precedent for other applications.

7.            FINANCE

                a)            Accounts for payment:

                It was resolved that the following accounts be paid:

                Clerks salary & PAYE (December/January)                             £597.12

                Reimburse Clerk for purchase of bin                                         £152.72

                Reimburse Cllr Taylor for purchase of lights                          £  36.98

                b)            Income and expenditure to December & expenditure against budget to December 2021.  These were noted.

                c)            Precept 2022 / 2023 year.  After consideration it was resolved that the precept remain as previous year at £6000.00.

                d)            Internal Auditor – It was agreed that L. Croft, Clerk to Alford Town Council, be the internal auditor for year 2021 / 2022.

8.            PLANNING

                There were no applications or decisions to note.

9.            NEXT MEETING

                Noted as 15th March 2022 @ 7pm

10.          ANY OTHER MATTERS

                Cllr Robinson advised that there was still a problem with dog mess in the village, the bins were full (Clerk to contact ELDC).  More “No fouling~” signs had been put up, and it was agreed that a plea to clean up after your dog be put in the parish magazine.

                Query on ownership of a building in the village, believed it would be put up for sale in the near future.

                It was noted that the hedges had been cut back over the railway bridge Mumby Long Lane.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.16pm