Notes Of Events From 21st April 2020 To 19th May 2020

Mumby Parish Council


Notes Of Events From 21st April 2020 To 19th May 2020


Due to the uncertainty of the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus and in order to limit the risk to members of the public and elected council members there was no formal Parish Council meeting on 19th May 2020.  The following notes were compiled using discussion e-mail, replies / comments from council members, but however, no formal voting is permitted under current regulations.  A copy of these notes will be placed in the Parish Council Minute Book for approval and signature when council meets again formally.  A copy of these notes will also be forwarded to each council member for their own records   A copy of all e-mails will be retained also for authenticity. 


Delegated authority is given to Parish Clerk (in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman) to undertake day to day duties, undertake additional duties and take decisive action within legal constraints and with the best intentions of public safety during the current situation to minimise the disruption to the service provision.  This to be reviewed monthly as the current situation becomes clearer.


Notes etc received via e-mail from:   

Councillors: J Bradley (Chairman), D. Robinson (Vice Chairman), D. Baxter-Skaife, J Taylor, J Banfield, J Morlini, B. Willson.


  1. Postponement Of The Annual General And Annual Parish Meetings For 2020 – Current legislation does allow for councils to hold an AGM remotely, however, this does not include holding a meeting via e-mail as voting is also not allowed via e-mail.  The Annual Parish Meeting cannot be held due to social distancing restrictions.  Therefore, both the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Parish Meeting will be postponed until May 2021.


  1. The Current Chairman And Vice-Chairman Remain In Post Until Next AGM – In line with legislation outlined in item 1 the current Chairman and Vice-Chairman will remain in post until the next formal Annual General Meeting in May 2021.


  1. Declaration Of Interest – Cllr B Willison declared an interest in item 8.


  1. Notes Of Last Action Meeting - The Action Notes from 20th April 2020 will be filed and following approval at the next formal Parish Meeting when restrictions are lifted, these will be signed by the Chairman


  1. Chairmans Report
    1. The Chairman reported she had received a quote from solicitors reference the registration of the allotment land as belonging to Mumby Parish Council.  This quote seams rather excessive and open ended.  She is seeking advice on this so for the time being this matter is in abeyance. 
    2. The Parish Notice board located by layby on A52, it was decided by council in 2017 that this would not be upgraded and a new notice board for the Parish would be purchased and replace the one outside the church.  Cllr Willson has agreed to remove the one from the layby.


  1. Correspondence – The following correspondences had been received:
    1. E-mail from resident reference selling of cars at The Old Rectory, Mumby (see Item 9)
    2. Lincolnshire Community Speed watch application.  Parish Clerk has e-mail Lincolnshire Community Speed Watch for an Application form and costs. 


  1. Finance
    1. The Internal Report and Invoice 2019/20 has been received and members have received a copy a made aware of the report notes.  There were several entries highlighted that needed to be rectified formally.  These need a minute entry after formal agreement is given by members, the following entries will be minuted at the first formal Parish Council Meeting when restrictions are lifted:
      1. September 2019 Minute 8b)1.  Typing error – Payment should have read £48.00.  Minute entry required in retrospect to rectify the typing error.  
      2. November 2019 Minute 8a)1.  Payment of £23.50 approved to LCC for document search.  This cheque was cancelled on 3/12/19 and reissued as £15.25 but no Minute entry recorded.  Therefore, in retrospect approval and minute entry is required.
      3. Payment of £535.00 to R. Aldrich on 1st December 2019 not recorded as approved at January 2020 meeting.  Therefore, in retrospect approval and minute entry is required. 
  1. The Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20 Pt 2 has been completed; copy sent to council members for their records.  This is required by law and under Section 9 of the Local Audit (Smaller Authorises) Regulations 2015.  It requires the following documents to be completed, signed by both the Chairman and the Responsible Financial Officer (Parish Clerk for Mumby PC) and minuted when restrictions are lifted:
    1.  Certificate of Exemption,
    2. Annual Internal Audit Report 2019/20,
    3. Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statements 2019/20 for Mumby Parish Council,
    4. Bank Reconciliation 2019/20,
    5. Explanation of Variances. 

As we are claiming exemption, we only need to send off the Certificate of Exemption by 30th June 2020 to the External Auditor.  We also have a requirement to publish all documents on our website under a “Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return (Exempt Authority)”.  This gives member of the public the right to subject to arrangement 30 days to inspect the accounting records.  The dates for inspection are Monday 15th June 2020 to Friday 24th July 2020 inclusive.  They have the right to ask questions of the appointed auditor

  1. The Insurance Renewal is due on 1st June 2020. This insurance covers the same as in previous years and has not been increased this year.  The renewal cost is £218.00. 
  2. The Invoices for Internal Audit and Insurance Renewal require payments, cheques to be raised and signed by authorised signatories as follows:
  • Internal Auditor Invoice = £30.00. 
  • Insurance Renewal (Came & Company) = £218.00
  1. VAT Claim made to HMRC: A letter and completed VAT Claim form has been sent to HMRC, await reply.
  1. Allotment Fee and New Tenancy Agreement: A letter and new Allotment Tenancy Agreement has been sent out to all four (4) allotment tenants.  Payment has been received from 3 tenants and the 4th will pay this weekend who will also start clearance of his allotment.  


  1. Planning - Helsey Farm – Construction of cabins etc – There had been an amendment to the original plans, members had been informed of these.  Clerk would like it known that the original “Neutral” response submission made by him on behalf of the council still stands.  However, the Clerk would also like to point out that the following information on “Disclosable Pecuniary Interest” which several members have made statements about:


  1. Shop Hill – The resident of the Old Rectory is again selling cars from the top of Shop Lane outside his property.  At a previous meeting (January 2020) he agreed to remove the cars.  Clerk to write to ELDC Enforcement formally to investigate this again.


  1. Sceptic Tank Leak On A52 - There is a leak from a resident’s sceptic tank at The Bungalow, Hogthorpe Road that is leaking onto the main A52.  The Chairman has contacted The Environmental Agency by phone on this issue.  Clerk to contact The Environmental Health at ELDC formally on this matter


  1. Date Of Next Planned Parish Meeting – The next formal Parish Meeting is in parish diary for Tuesday 21st July 2020 however this will be subject to confirmation


  1. Other Matters For Discussion – There were no other matters raised.