15 September 2020

Minutes Of The Meeting Of Mumby Parish Council

Held At 7.40pm On 15th September 2020 At Nurseries Caravan Park


The Parish Meeting was scheduled to be carried out via video conference facility “Zoom”.  However, due to technical difficulties this was not possible.  The decision was taken via telephone and considering Government Guidance email received on 15th September 2020 the meeting was moved to The Nurseries Caravan Park where a full risk assessment had been carried out to allow social distance regulations to be adhered to.



Cllrs J Bradley (Chairman), D Robertson (Vice Chairman), D. Baxter-Skaife, J Taylor. J Morlini B Willson.


Chairman’s Remarks:  The Chairman welcomed all those present as this was the first formal meeting since March 2020.  She apologised members of the public who wished to attend for any inconvenience the moving of the meeting had caused.


Public Forum – No request had been received from members of public due to join the meeting.


  1. Apologies – Apologies received from Cllr J. Banfield and Dist Cllr. S. Eyre.


  1. Declarations Of Interest – D. Baxter-Skaife declaration of interest in Agenda Item 12.


  1. Notes Of The Last Meetings - The minutes and notes of events from March to July 2020 were unanimously approved as the minutes / notes of events and signed by the Chairman.  


  1.  Clerk’s Report On Matters Outstanding
  1. Speeding through Mumby Village – Covered under Agenda Item 11
  2. Internal Audit – Completed and report filed – Matter closed
  3. AGAR External Audit – Completed and forms sent off - Awaiting report, ongoing

VAT Claim – Received see Agenda Item 8b.ii

  1. Parish Notice Board A52 – This notice board had fallen into disrepair.  Cllr Willson had removed it and received a thank you from the Chair.  Matter closed.
  2. Parish Allotments – All now have paid up tenants.  See Agenda Item 10 for Registration Update.
  3. Shop Hill update – Dist Cllr S Eyre had informed the Chair that as the adoption of the path is still on going the enforcement of the owner of The Old Rectory selling cars was an issue.  The clerk to write again to the house owner about him selling cars.  Cllr D Robinson is contacting LCC on the subject.
  4. Parish Web Site Changes – Clerk informed council that the government had issued new guidelines that all Parish Websites are to be more interactive, useful and have more usable content for users when they access them.  The web site therefore must be updated to meet these guidelines.  The deadline for this is December 2020, Therefore the clerk will be updating the site over next few months.  He will update council on its progress.



  1. Reports From Outside Bodies And Other Meetings – Nothing to report.


  1. Reports From Other Meetings - Nothing to report.


  1. Correspondence
  1. Environmental Agency Lincolnshire Beach Management–investigation Work:  This is ongoing investigation along the coast to test the existing sea defence structure to establish what maintenance works may be required.
  2. Fires of the Allotment: Clerk had received several complaint emails from a resident in Parklands about allotment holders having bonfires.  Clerk had replied to them with extracts from Allotment Tenancy Agreements all tenants had signed.  Cllr D Robinson had spoken to allotment holders and they stated that they were using incinerators on the day in question and had adhered to their agreements.  Council has suggested that the resident and the allotment holders keep diary entrants as to when bonfires take place so that they can monitor the situation.  Clerk to email resident and allotment holders on this.
  3. Hedge at corner of Coots Lane and Washdyke Lane: – Clerk letter read out a received from resident of property on corner of Washdyke Lane about the hedge which adjoins her property.  The hedge has become overgrown and is now damaging her garden wall.  The clerk has looked at the hedge and it is also now encroaching onto Coots Lane making it difficult for pedestrians to pass as it is now covering the grass verge.  It is also making it difficult for vehicles especially those towing caravans to pass without the hedge scratching their caravans.  Clerk to write a letter to hedge owner Robert Brothers requesting them to cut back the hedge to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass safely.
  4. Water Leak Coots Lane: – There has been an ongoing water leak on Coots Lane.  Following this meeting Anglian Water are now repairing this leak.


  1. Financial Matters
  1. The following payments of accounts made between March & August 2020 were approved:
    1. 29/05 20 - J Cooper (Internal Audit) - £30.00
    2. 29/05/20 - Came & Co (Insurance) - £218.00
    3. 5/6/20 – Robert Aldrich (Grass Cutting) - £228.99
    4. 5/6/20 – Wilkin Chapman (Allotment registration deposit) £100.00
    5. 21/7/20 – M Smith (Clerk salary + Expenses) - £627.32
    6. 21/7/20 – Robert Aldrich (Grass Cutting) - £595.50
  2. Income received March to August:
    1. 6/04/20 – Precept - £6000.00
    2. 1/06/20 – VAT reclaim - £16.37 18/08/20 – Allotment fees (Poor Houses A/C) - £190.00
  3. 7/08/20 – Grant (Triton Knoll) - £6626.98 for Speed Signs


  1. Sale Of Land (Part Of New Burial Ground)

The new burial land was purchased in 2018 and it was decided by council to offer for sale part of land behind the two bungalows Oakwell and Kenrose which adjoin church to the owners of these properties.   

At the time neither owner wished to take up the offer at the price quoted.  The clerk has now received a letter dated 20th August 2020 from both owners wishing to now purchase the land behind their respective bungalows. Their offer is for £9000.00 for each plot of land.   

This offer was discussed by council and agreed by all members that this is a fair offer under the following provisos:

  1. That the seller and purchasers pay their own at a.to legal costs
  2. That the purchasers put up a boundary fence to the North of each plot.  The boundary fence (Oakwell) nearest to the cemetery must be a hedge of “Quickthorn”.
  3. Completion of both sales must be simultaneous.


Clerk to write to both owners with the council decision and provisos.


  1. Allotment Registration

The Chair gave an update on the progress of the registration application.  All documents had now been sent to the solicitors in August and they had now been returned to her for safe keeping.  Matter still on going.


  1. Speed Signs & Community Speed Watch
  1. The grant of £6626.98 from Triton Knoll had been received.  The Chair thanked Cllr J Taylor for his efforts in securing the grant.
  2. The purchase of 3 Electronic Speed signs and their locations was discussed by council.  Sign 1 to be located at entrance to Washdyke Lane on Cumberworth Road.  Sign 2 to be located on A52 at South of Mumby Village.  Sign 3 to be located on A52 at north end of Mumby Village.  The Exact locations will be decided when advise taken from LCC Community Speed Watch.  Approval given by all members to proceed with the purchase.  Cllr D Baxter-Skaife is given approval to proceed with this purchase on behalf of the council.
  3. Parish Clerk had investigated an application to join “Community Speed Watch” and obtain “speed signs” which can be attached to lamp posts around the village.  The Application Forms etc had been sent to members for their information and comment.  Decision taken to apply to join LCC Community Speed Watch approved by members.  Cllr D Baxter-Skaife to follow up with application in conjunction with purchase of Speed Signs.  This will provide her help to meet the requirements for sign positions.


  1. Planning
  1. Coastal Zone Local Development Order 2nd September 2020: Cllr D Baxter-Skaife left the room as she had declared an interest in this item.  Is to assist holiday parks within the Coastal Zone with their recovery from the economic impact of Covid-19 as well as to encouraging the broader economic regeneration.  The Parish Council supported this.


  1. Highways And Village Maintenance
  1. The resurfacing and remarking of the roads around Mumby village is now complete.  Matter closed.
  2. Village Pavements: Several complaints had been made about the state of the pavements especially on Washdyke Lane.  After discussions clerk to write to LCC Highways on the subject. – Matter on-going.
  3. Village grass cutting requirements for 2020/21:  This was discussed by members and it was decided to renew Robert Aldrich (Garden Maintenance) contract for 2020/21.  Clerk to contact them for cost details etc so that a new contract can be drawn up.  Matter on-going.


  1. Council Standing Odrers And Policies

There have been no changes to these documents for 2020/21.  Copies had been sent electronically to all members for them to review.  Clerk passed around a form for Councillors to sign as having read the documents for 2020/21.  All councillors signed with exception of Cllr J Banfield who had sent her apologies.  Clerk will send to her for signature.


  1. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council was set for Tuesday 20TH October 2020 to commence at 7p.m. at Becketts.  This is subject to confirmation.


  1.  Any Other Matters For Discussion Or Next Agenda
  1. AOB – “Mumby in Bloom” discussed, however the Chair pointed out that this was run independently of the Parish Council so all decisions on this was down to the Mumby in Bloom organisers.
  2. Items for next meeting:
    1. Agree Financial Statement 6 month to end September
    2. Review of Cemetery Fees
    3. Discussion on any fundraising / grant’s requirements.


Meeting closed at 09.30 pm