20 October 2020

Minutes Of The Meeting Of Mumby Parish Council

Held Via “Zoom” On 20th October 2020


Due to the uncertainty of the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus and in order to limit the risk to members of the public and elected council members the Parish Council meeting on the above date was held via video conference facility “Zoom”. 


There was no Public Forum as no members of the public or press had requested to join the meeting by sending an e-mail to mumbyparishcouncil@gmail.com by 05.00pm on Sunday 18th October 2020.


Present via “Zoom”:   

Cllrs J Bradley (Chairman), D Robertson (Vice Chairman), D. Baxter-Skaife, J Taylor. J Morlini, J Banfield and B Willson.  Also, present Dist Cllr S Eyre and County Cllr C Davie.


Chairman’s Remarks:  The Chairman welcomed all those present.  She remarked on several emails that had been passed around council regarding the advisability of holding face to face formal meeting in the church during the coronavirus crisis  She thanked Cllr D Baxter-Skaife for setting up the session which all councillors were able to join.


Public Forum – No request had been received from members of public due to join the meeting.


  1. Apologies – No apologies received as all council present


  1. Declarations Of Interest – None


  1. Notes Of The Last Meetings - The minutes of the meeting held on 20th September 2020 were unanimously approved as the minutes / notes of events.  


  1.  Clerk’s Report On Matters Outstanding
  1. Hedge corner of Coots Lane – Clerk had received an email from Andrew Roberts stating that he is dealing with all matters relating to this issue.  He would be contacting both The Nurseries and the owner of the Bungalow on Washdyke Lane on the matter.  He also asked for contacts for suitable tree and hedge cutters which had been forwarded to him.  He is happy to look to cutting back both the hedge and grass verge and will look to cutting the tree back.  He will also look to a regular maintenance plan for all the raised issues.
  2. Grass cutting for 2020/21 – Robert Aldrich who cuts the village grass areas contract is up for renewal in October.  Clerk had contacted him for a quote for next 3 years.  His quote had been received as a total cost of £1125.00 for a total of 14 cuts to all grass areas.  Council approved this quote and clerk to draw up a contact with Mr Aldrich.
  3. Parish Web Site Changes – Clerk had previously informed council that the government had issued new guidelines that all Parish Websites are to be more interactive, useful and have more usable content for users when they access them.  This is a big job and would take up a lot of the clerk’s time.  He proposed that this be outsourced, he had received a quote from one company for £250.00.  Cllr D Baxter-Skaife had spoken to another council and had been quoted £1000.00.  Council agreed that the company for £250.00 was within its budget.  Clerk to contact them and get the update started.


  1. Reports From Outside Bodies And Other Meetings
    1. County Cllr C Davie outlined the current Coronavirus 19 situation in the county.  The current Category is Medium.
    2. He was asked about the adoption of the footpath at Shop Hill.  He suggested council contact Chris Miller, LCC as to current situation.
    3. Cllr C Davie reported the LDO on Caravan Sites was now on hold due to flood plain.  Cllr D Baxter-Skaife said as far as she knows it is not on hold.  Dist Clr S. Eyre to investigate.
    4. Dist Clr S Eyre informed council that enforcement visit to resident of The Old Rectory had concluded that no action was required.


  1. Reports From Other Meetings - Nothing to report.


  1. Correspondence - Mumby in Bloom – Clerk read out an email from James Johnson who organises the event. Stating he had now decided to no longer run the event due to comments he had heard from various residents.  The clerk had written to him thanking him for all his time and effort he had put into the event over the years.  Council seconded this.


  1. Financial Matters
  1. The Financial statement for April to September 2020 was read out by the clerk.  Council approved these accounts.
  2. The following payments of accounts were approved:
    1. M Smith (Clerk salary + Expenses) - £598.00
    2. LALC (Hard News Copy) Invoice - £4.50


  1. Sale Of Land (Part Of New Burial Ground) - The new burial land was purchased in 2018 and it was decided by council to offer for sale part of land behind the two bungalows Oakwell and Kenrose which adjoin church to the owners of these properties.  The clerk had received a letter dated 20th August 2020 from both owners wishing to now purchase the land behind their respective bungalows. Their offer of £9000.00 for each plot of land was accepted by council.  The way forward is for all parties to appoint solicitors to act for them.  Council to obtain quotes for this.  Clerk to inform the two owners that they now need to obtain a solicitor to represent them


  1. Allotment Registration

The Chair gave an update on the progress of the registration application. 



  1. Speed Signs & Community Speed Watch – Cllr D Baxter-Skaife gave council an update as to the progress of both Speed Signs and joining community speed watch.  The exact location of the 3 was discussed with the following locations proposed:
    1. Grass area to left of A52 just past the turning to Cumberworth. Lane, Speed Sign facing towards Hogsthorpe.
    2. Cumberworth Road grass area to right prior to the crossroads for Coots Lane / Washdyke Lane / Cumberworth Lane, Speed Sign facing toward Cumberworth
    3. Grass area to right of A52 between entrance to Parklands and The Red Lion public house, Speed Sign facing towards Huttoft.

Council members were asked to look at these locations and report back to Cllr D Baxter-Skaife and the Chair with their thoughts on the locations.


  1. Shop Hill - There has been no further development on the situation other than what council was informed in Item 8 above.


  1. Planning
  1. The Forge additional access had been approved by LCC Highways.  Matter closed.


  1. Highways And Village Maintenance
  1. Village Pavements: Several complaints had been made about the state of the pavements especially on Washdyke Lane.  Clerk to write to LCC Highways on the subject.
  2. Village Green Trees:  Clerk had received complaints that the Village Green Trees were overhanging the road.  He has reported this to LCC Highways department. – Matter ongoing.


  1. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council was set for Tuesday 17th November 2020 to commence at 7pm. via Zoom.  This is subject to confirmation.


  1.  Any Other Matters For Discussion Or Next Agenda
  1. AOB – Cllr J Taylor sends his apologies in advance he is unable to attend next meeting
  2. 40 MPH sign down on Hogsthorpe Road.  Clerk to investigate and report to LCC Highways.
  3. Cllr B Wilson reported ragwort in field on A52 that needs cutting.  Clerk to contact farmer and ask him to cut.
  4. Cllr B Wilson suggested that a Christmas Tree be erected on village green.  The main problem with this is that there is no electric power to this area.  Cllr B Wilson suggested that solar lights could be used and would investigate costs of these plus cost of tree for next meeting.
  5. Helsey Corner house.  The Chair said that the new house was now built but old house is still standing.  Dist Cllr S Eyre to investigate this.
  6. NHS Track &Trace signs.  Clerk had produced these and would put one up in the entrance to the church.


Meeting closed at 08.50 pm