Notes of Events to 19th July 2020

Mumby Parish Council


Notes of Events to 19th July 2020 (email to Parish Council from Parish Clerk)


Hope you are all well, I have forwarded all relevant emails to you for your information.  This email is a summary of those for you all to agree, comment on for me to put in council minute book as a record.


Speeding through Mumby Village


This has become a continuing problem since the restrictions have been eased.  It appears that everyone West of Mumby seems to want to come to the coast.  This has meant more traffic on our roads, some of the visitors seem to be blind to speed signs.  As you may all know we have had 3 speeding incidents in the village just this last week.  One resulting in the Red Lion landlord’s son in law having his car written off by a speeding driver outside the pub.


Thanks to the efforts of Cllrs Taylor and Baxter-Scaife they have been able to secure a grant form Triton Knoll for £6626.98 which will be used for the purchase of 3 Electronic Speed Signs for the village.  As soon as this is received an order will be placed and these installed at the entrances to the village.  Either end of the village on the A52 and at the entrance to village via Washdyke Lane, subject to confirmation by yourselves.


As part of this I have emailed LCC Highways for an up to date application form to join Community Speed Watch, will update council as soon as soon as received.


Fraud Scam - Highways Group Ltd


We received an email which I forwarded to council that this company were approaching councils about carrying out work on roads.  This is a scam company and I can confirm we have not been approached and had we you would have been informed of this.


Environment Agency - Lincolnshire Beach Management update July 2020


Email received and forwarded to council about the demobilization of Huttoft Car Terrace from 3rd August 2020.  This will mean shutting Huttoft Bank for 5 days starting 3rd August.  Unfortunately, this is at the same time at Triton Knolls wanting to use the same road to move their heavy machinery.  As you can imagine this is a problem, seams that the right hand has not been speaking to the left hand.  I will update you as more information received.


Re-opening of Play Areas


Government have approved this, however as Mumby has no play areas it does not affect us.


Email reference Ragwort


Cllr Wilson emailed about Ragwort in a field reported by a local farmer.  Cllr Bradley contacted the farmers whose field it was and has been assured it will be sorted as soon as field is topped out.



Allotment Plots 1 & 2


These have now become vacant due to tenant unable to use due to ill health.  They both need to be cleared and the boundary fence repaired prior to letting out again.  I have contacted Robert Aldrich to clear the plots, this hopefully will take place this week.  We will then need to get the fence repaired, has council any thoughts on this?   I have placed an advert in the Mumby News which is due for print in August but if council know of any residents who are interested, please get them to contact me.


Mumby News


This will be out again in August, which is good news for all.  Any items please contact Roger.


Mumby in Bloom


As a lot of gardening work has been carried out over the lockdown this is going ahead as we speak.  James will be publishing the results am guessing in the Mumby News.


Garage Sale


July is normally the time we clear out our garages for the annual Mumby Garage Sale.  Unfortunately, due the current situation this sadly has had to be cancelled for 2020.  So sorry you will have to keep your unwanted stuff for another year.


Road Surfacing of Mumby Village roads.


As you know this was due in June but was cancelled.  They are due to start again on Monday 20th July 2020, so be prepared for some disruption around the village.


Financial Statement - April to June 2020


Please see attached Financial Statement document for your approval.


Parish Clerk - MD Smith - Salary & Expenses April to June 2020


Agreement needed by council to pay the above of £627.32 (see attached for breakdown).


Next Parish Council Meeting


There is no planned meeting for August 2020.  The next planned meeting is Tuesday 15th September 2020.  As restrictions are continually being lifted it may be possible to hold a meeting in the church.  Again, until we have official confirmation on this we will have to proceed as we currently do.  As soon as I receive any information will forward to council.


Again, thank you for your understanding in the current situation and I will pass onto you all relevant emails and information as received.


Malcolm Smith, Parish Clerk