Notes of Events to 2nd July 2020

Mumby Parish Council


Notes of Events to 2nd July 2020 (email to Parish Council from Parish Clerk)



Another week nearly over and no all clear on the horizon.  This weekend as you all know pubs, cafes, caravan sites, churches are all opening up.  This will mean extra visitors in the village so I would urge you all to be vigilant and look after the residents to ensure they are all safe and well.


I have sent reminder emails to LCC and ELDC about the issues still outstanding:

  • Sceptic Spillage
  • Enforcement The Old Rectory

To date they have acknowledged receipt but have had no update.  Both are still working under current restrictions so will get around to them as they reach the top of their lists, we are in their hands.


The allotments


The tenant of plots 1 & 2 has given them back to council and has accepted that no refund of his rent will be paid.  I have contacted Robert Aldrich who will come hopefully next week to strim both plots and the adjoining path.  He has given an estimate of £40.00 to do this job, approval has been given for him to proceed.  When this has been carried out, we will advertise the plots for rent by local residents.


New Burial Ground


The chair has been busy weeding the new boundary fence, I am sure she would like some help if any of you feel the need.  Robert will be hopefully strimming and cutting the grass next week as part of the contract we have with him.


Roads regrading


This was not carried out last week as planned.  It should now start around the 17th of July, as soon as I get any updates will inform the council.


Speed sign grants


I have not received any formal replies to the application submitted.  Could Cllr Taylor please update council as to the progress of the application.


July Parish Council Meeting


Again, will be as per June meeting.  If councillors have any points that they need raising please forward emails to council.  I will be putting together the Financial Statement which will be sent to all councillors for approval prior to the meeting.


Regards and stay safe,


Malcolm Smith, Parish Clerk