19th JANUARY 2021







Due to the uncertainty of the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus and in order to limit the risk to members of the public and elected council members the Parish Council meeting on the above date was held via video conference facility “Zoom”. 


There was no Public Forum as no members of the public or press had requested to join the meeting by sending an e-mail to mumbyparishcouncil@gmail.com by 05.00pm on Sunday 18th January 2021.


Present via “Zoom”:   

Cllrs J Bradley (Chairman), D Robertson (Vice Chairman), D. Baxter-Skaife, J Taylor. J Morlini, J Banfield and B Willson.  Also, present County Cllr C Davie and District Cllr S. Eyre.


CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS:  The Chairman welcomed all those present.  She again thanked Cllr D Baxter-Skaife for setting up the session which all councillors were able to join.   She also thanked Cllrs Willson and Taylor for putting up the Christmas Tree on village green.


PUBLIC FORUM – No request had been received from members of public due to join the meeting.


  1. APOLOGIES – No apologies received.




  1. NOTES OF THE LAST MEETINGS - The minutes of the meeting held on 17th November 2020 were unanimously approved as the minutes / notes of events.  


  1. Allotment Registration – This has now been completed, matter closed.
  2. Speed Signs – These have been purchased and await installation on the posts.  Discussion took place as to whether the post on A52.was in the correct position even though these positions were agreed at a previous meeting.  Cllr J. Taylor said he thought should be nearer the Mumby Meadows entrance.  Further discussion took place as to who was going to install the actual speed sign units.  Cllr B. Wilson was concerned about Health & Safety and insurance issues.  He suggested that council should get quotes for the installation.  Clerk instructed to contact Mr. Russell Croxford, LCC Highways for his advice on this. Matter ongoing.
  3. Hedge corner of Coots Lane – Clerk had received an email from Andrew Roberts secretary following the death of Mr. Roberts senior stating that there is a delay in dealing with this issue due the issue of Power of Attorney.  Until this issue is resolved the issue of the hedge is on hold.  Matter ongoing.
  4. Parish Web Site Changes – These have now been completed and the new site is live.  Cllr J. Morlini has some updates required, she will email these to Clerk. Clerk to look to procedures to update content.






  1. Shop Hill – There had been emails from LCC on the subject and that the adoption of the path was on the list.  County Cllr C. Davie suggested that as council were not happy with this they should appeal again.  He suggested council contact Mr. C. Miller, LCC for the up to date appeals process and forms.  Clerk instructed to follow up on this. 
  2. Sale of Land – Following instructions from council clerk had contacted Wilkin Chapman LLP to act on council’s behalf.  Paperwork had been received back from Wilkins Chapman LLP and was being looked at so that the requirements contained in the documents could be sent back to them.  Matter ongoing.
  3. Village pavements – Clerk had contacted LCC Highways on this and we await further information back from them.  Clerk to forward these emails to Cllr C. Davie for information.
  4. Hedges at Mumby Road Station – Clerk had reported this to LCC Highways, and a job has been raised by them.


    1. Dist Cllr S Ayre gave update on ELDC that a lot of the back-office procedures and set up would be amalgamated. 
    2. County Cllr C. Davie gave an update on the current Coronavirus 19 situation in the county.  Vaccinations were now being carried out across the county as per Government guidelines. Unfortunately, cases are rising and encouraged all residents to adhere to the Government guidelines.  Lockdown still in place across the country and until a slowdown in infections there is now date for the end of lockdown and possibly going back into tier. System.  It is having a major impact on the economy, LCC looking to put money back into the system to help with the economic situation. 


  1. REPORTS FROM OTHER MEETINGS - Nothing to report.


    1. Letter received reference “LCCP Coastal Access and Parking”.  This outlines the position with regards to car parks and who can use them, i.e. Motorcaravans, House boxes etc.  It also outlines that parking charges will start although no date given yet.  Charges would be levied during the summer but relaxed during winter months, although traffic restrictions would still be in place.  The proposal is for a “Pay by Phone” system to be adopted.
    2. Email received offering free defibrillator training.  No date has been given for this dur to the current Covid 19 situation.  This will be looked at again as situation becomes clearer.


  1. To formally agree Parish Clerks new hours and salary for 2021 agreed at November meeting. 
    1. Hours to increase to five (5) per week
    2. Salary per hour to increase by £2.78 to £13.78 with a back pay from July 2020 as per LALC Guidelines.
  2. Clerk presented the Financial Statement to31st December 2020 agreed by council.




  1. The following payments were approved:
    1. £703.00 to Wilkin Chapman LLP for Allotment Registration.
    2. £47.97 to Cllr B. Willson for purchase of Christmas Lights.
    3. £6392.98 to Elan City UK for the Speed Signs x 3
    4. £1064.01 to M. Smith - Salary & Expenses for October to December 2020.
    5. £250.00 to Intellitech Services Limited for Parish Web Site update.
  2. Clerk presented the budget for 2021 and outlined that council should receive income from sale of land, this would also incur expenses in legal fees.  He outlined that due to this and the grant received for Speed Signs would mean that council would be subject to an External Audit next year.  Council agreed the budget for 2021.at next meeting.
  3. Council agreed the Precept for 2021/22 of £6000.00 to stay the same as 2020.
  4. Council agreed that Ms. J. Cooper be appointed Internal Auditor for accounts 2020 at the same fee as last year 


  1. NEXT MEETING - The next meeting of the Parish Council was set for Tuesday 16th March 2021 to commence at 7pm. via Zoom.  This is subject to confirmation.


    1. Cllr J Morlini had received another complaint about The Old Rectory selling cars again.  Discussed by council but until the issue of Shop Hill is resolved no action can be taken as ELDC Enforcement will not take any action as they have deemed it is not a business.
    2. Cllr D Robinson said she would investigate for a grant for new path in church yard and report back to council.  However, permission would be needed from Church as to the location of any path.
    3. Cllr B. Willson brought up that the Bus Stops needed painting.  This will be discussed at next meeting.


Meeting closed at 08.10 pm