17th May Annual Parish (public) Meeting 2022


Mumby Parish Council

Clerk : Mrs J. Cooper

Rose Cottage, Asserby Corner, Bilsby, Alford, Lincs LN13 9QR

Email: mumbyparishcouncil1@gmail.com

Website: https://mumby.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk/



The Annual Parish (Public) Meeting will take place on



Tuesday 17th May 2022

@ On Your Marques Model Car Museum


At 7.00pm





Signed   Jen Cooper , Jen Cooper - Clerk to the Council                          Dated: 3rd May 2022


This is the Annual Parish Meeting which precedes the Annual Council Meeting which will commence at 7.30 or IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THIS MEETING.





1.         Welcome by the Chairman


2.         Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting dated 20th July 2021 and approve Chairman’s signature of same


3.         Any updates from that meeting


4.         Update on Parish Council business since that meeting


5.         Any questions from the public