Agenda 27th September 2022

Mumby Parish Council

Clerk : Mrs J. Cooper

Rose Cottage, Asserby Corner, Bilsby, Alford, Lincs LN13 9QR




The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on


Tuesday 27th September 2022

@ On Your Marques Model Car Museum



This notice summons all members of the council to attend from 7.00pm or submit their apologies to the clerk at the earliest opportunity.


Prior to the commencement of the Parish Council meeting there will be a public session, where members of the public may raise matters of concern, for a maximum of 15 minutes.  Once the Parish Council meeting commences members of the public are not permitted to speak, unless specifically asked by the Chairman to clarify a point.



Signed   Jen Cooper , Jen Cooper - Clerk to the Council                          Dated: 20th September 2022


7.00 p.m. – Welcome by Chairman and Public Forum




  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest.
  3. To agree the notes from the meeting held on 19th July 2022 and approve these as minutes.
  4. Clerk’s report on matters following the last meeting.
  5. To receive reports from outside bodies
  6. To receive any update from LCC Footpaths regarding footpath modification order.
  7. To discuss recent incident involving bus shelter.
  8. To consider any other measures that could be taken to improve road safety through the village in conjunction with LCC/Road Safety Partnership.
  9. General correspondence.
  10. Financial Matters:
    1. Accounts for Payment
    2. To consider opting out of current Audit arrangements and procuring own External Audit arrangements
  11. To consider any amendments or additional requirements to existing village maintenance and current grass cutting contract (copy attached for members)
  12. To consider any amendments to current policies and Standing Orders, including revision of Financial Regulations to allow for internet banking changes and to incorporate extra detail to Asset Register
  13. Planning: to note any applications received and any decision notices including the Scoping Application for the Outer Dowsing wind Farm and potential cable route.
  14. To note time and date of next meeting as 7.00pm on Tuesday 18th October 2022
  15. Any Other Matters for noting only, and items for the next agenda.
  16. To move into Closed Session to consider following item
  17. To consider any changes to Clerks salary and Terms of Employment. (report attached for members)


Planning Application – Extension to Oak Tree Cottage, circulated to members 9th August 2022.

Scoping Opinion application Outer Dowsing Wind Farm and cable route, circulated to members 3rd August